musIC: music for Cochlear Implants


Saturday, 2013, February 9 - 12:00


Saturday February 9th, 2013 at 12 PM

Auditori Caixa Forum Barcelona

Av. Francesc Guardia, 6-8 (Barcelona)

Free Admission

At 10:30AM Advanced Bionics will make a presentation about the new features of cochlear implant system


We invite you to participate in a unique experience in which researchers and musicians come together for the hearing impaired.

musIC is a project related with the research about music perception with cochlear implant devices, and aims to understand how these devices can be further developed. The cochlear implant is a medical implanted device that has been designed mainly to restore the perception of speech sounds, but still has many limitations in musical listening. With this objective we are organizing a concert specially designed considering the limitations when listening into music with cochlear implants. The concert is also intended for the general public.

We will hear pieces played with different instruments and formations: a string quartet and flute, soprano, piano, guitar and ReacTable, an interactive electronic instrument developed by the Music Technology Group.

With this concert will try to better understand how music is perceived. Attendees can contribute to research by participating in a survey about this musical experience.

musIC is a project created from the reasearch of Waldo Nogueira, researcher of the Music Technology Group, about the perception of the music through the cochlear implants. More information about Waldo Nogueira.


LEVIT 1 and LEVIT 2 by LUIS NOGUEIRA 2 compositions for piano
COCLEAR by ALEJANDRO CIVILOTTI Composition for flute, violin, viola and cello1
TAMBORA (MÚSICA RITUAL) by ALEJANDRO FRÄNKEL Composition for flute, violin, viola, cello and electronics1
EL DISCURSO VACÍO by ALEJANDRO FRÄNKEL Composition for voice and electronics2
ALMOST NEW PLACES by SERGIO NADDEI Composition for acoustic guitar
ALMOST NEW SPACES by SERGIO NADDEI. Composition for ReacTable

*1 Performers: IMPOSTO LIBERO ENSEMBLE: Ramon Vilalta (flute), Marc Armengol (violin), Montse Vallvé (viola), Mark Friedhoff (cello).

*2 Performer: Alba Mur Tena (voice).

More information about the program and composers: PROGRAM

Organizers: Music Technology Group (Universitat Pompeu Fabra) and Phonos Foundation. With the support of: Advanced Bionics.



We would like to have a confirmation of your attendance by filling the following questionaire with your name and the number of people that will attend the concert. Though it is not mandatory, we would appreciate if you can fill the questionaire. The admission to the concert is totally free.

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Special thanks to: Caixa Forum Barcelona, Federación AICE,

Design: Carmen Platero

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