Monographic concert dedicated to Andrés Lewin-Richter at ESMUC


Thursday, 2017, March 23 - 19:00
23.3.2017 - 19:00h
ESMUC - Sala d’orquestra
Edifici de l'Auditori, Carrer de Padilla, 155

Free admission

In the context of Dijous toca ESMUC series and ESMUC contemporània, will take place a concert dedicated to Andrés Lewin-Richter, co-founder and current director of Phonos. The concert will include four electroacoustic works of the composer that will be played by students of the Escola Superior de Música (ESMUC).



Introduction by the composer Albert Llanas


Entrada (2015) for trombone and electronics 
Secuencia XX (2016) for 2 harps and electronics 
Cuerdas (2016) electroacoustic 
Tinell  (1983) for five percussionists and electronics


Andrés Lewin-Richter is a composer born in Miranda de Ebro, Burgos, 1937. His work uses a variety of materials, techniques and languages ​​to create a new sound universe in which electronic resources broaden the timbre possibilities of the instruments. In the 50s he joined the Joventuts Musicals de Barcelona and specializes in the field of electroacoustic music. For three years he works at Columbia Princeton Electronic Music Center in New York where he collaborates and learns with important composers like Vladimir Ussachevsky, Mario Davidovsky and Edgard Varèse. After the stay in the United States, he settles in Barcelona, and together ​​with Josep Mestres Quadreny founds Phonos and also participates in the creation of the Grup Instrumental Català. He is the current director of Phonos foundation and is honorary professor at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra. Due to his creative work and his teaching activity, Andrés Lewin-Richter represents one of the pioneers of electroacoustic music in Spain.

Dijous toca ESMUC is a concert series managed by the students of ESMUC school.


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Generalitat de Catalunya: Departament de Cultura
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Universitat Pompeu Fabra