Spring/summer concerts season

Our calendar offers a varied list of concerts for all tastes. Multichannel systems, video art, workshops, sound landscapes, interactive installations, electroacoustics and more.




20.4.2017 - Daniel Schachter: Octophonic Concert (The Loudspeakers Union).

12.5.2017 - Project International Course of Composition Institut Français-Barcelona Modern.

18.5.2017- Leonello Tarabella: Pietro Grassi 100 years old.

26.5.2017- BioSensorMusic: Music beyond motor limitations.

2.6.2017 - Barcelona Laptop Orchestra.

09.6.2016 - Sound Creation Lab 2017, Acusmatic Concerto.

22.7.2017 - CASAS (Community-Assisted Singing Analysis And Synthesis).


All the updated information will be found in the Phonos Concerts section of this website. And you can also keep up with all the news through our social networks:  facebook y twitter.

We hope you enjoy this new season of concerts.

* Free entry to all concerts