Sons de la Natura - BioBlitz

Urban Nature Sounds is an educational project, for environmental awareness and citizen participation. From experiential workshops, we propose the participants to explore the sound environment of some urban natural spaces within the city of Barcelona with the objective of discovering the biodiversity present in the city, understanding the coexistence between natural and urban spaces and generating environmental awareness in Citizenship through these participatory activities



Open enrollment:

They are open to all and are free.

Workshop 1: 20/5/2017 de 9.00 h to 10.30 h

Workshop 2: 20/5/2017 de 9.30 h to 13.30 h (Workshop is full).

Workshop 3: 21/5/2017 de 9.00 h to 10.30 h

Second session:

Joint session for participants of the workshops 1, 2 and 3. (TBA)

FIRST SESSION: Field work.

The first part of the workshops consists of presenting the characteristics of the spaces in which the activity will take place, and also presents the dynamics of the activity: objectives, sounds that can be found and tools to be used. Portable recorders and headphones will be distributed among the participants and the operation will be explained in order to do augmented listening and recordings. The registration cards will also be distributed, which contain the itineraries and serve to record the data corresponding to each recording that is made.

The participants, following an itinerary led by the trainers of the workshops, who will orient them on the sounds that can be heard, and will ask for attention in some concrete sounds. Some directed listening and recording exercises will be performed and from there participants will decide which sounds they consider relevant and will record them with the recorders. After each recording, they will note the location where the recording was made and the description of the sound on the recording binnacle. The trainers will give specific information on the animal species that will be listening and will share information cards of these species.

SECOND SESSION: Audio editing and uploading to in order to create a sound map.

This part will take place in a classroom of the Universitat Pompeu Fabra, who collaborates in this project. Participants will listen to the records they have made and decide which are the most relevant and interesting. The sounds will be edited for inclusion on the website. Depending on where they were registered, the sounds are geolocated and automatically placed on a map. The sounds are shared under Creative Commons licenses so that they are accessible to other people and can be reused. As a result, a sound map will be created, which will be added to the Phonos website along with all the workshop information.

This second session is optional, all participants of the tallers of the first session can participate.


Eloïsa Matheu (trainer): Biologist expert in sounds of nature. Long career as a nature sounds recordist, has produced a wide collection of CDs with animal sounds and concerts of nature, as well as sonorizations of centers of natural spaces. She imparts workshops to get to know the nature by its sounds. At the moment she works in the Fonoteca of the Museum of Natural Sciences of Barcelona and participates in different scientific projects related to Bioacoustics. 

Ilaria Sartori (trainer): Doctor in history and analysis of musical cultures, specialized in working with sounds. She teaches workshops on creating sound maps and is part of diverse groups that work in sound and creativity.

Organized by:

BioBlitzBCN, Fundació Phonos & Music Technology Group (Universitat Pompeu Fabra)

With the support of:

Diputació de Barcelona