Sonados de noche


Saturday, 2018, March 17 - 20:00

17/03/2018 - 20:00h

Galeria Mutuo

Carrer de Méndez Núñez, 7





Sonados de noche

Poetic action and experimental music in quadraphonic audio

Sonados is a series of monthly events in Mutuo gallery organized by Phonos. It proposes a program in a room equipped with quadrophonic audio in which sound exploration, electronic, diy, sound poetry or experimental music come together.


One of the uses of the verb "sonar" (literal translation: to sound) in Latin American countries (from RAE) is to lose, to fail or to end. For example: "sonamos, the train is gone". Sonamos then is not only the action to produce a noise, to spread a rumor, to impress the mood. "Sonamos" is action, it is a verb by which we are transmission. When "sonamos" we let go the tangible, we lose the stable and fixed, divisions fail as subject / object. It is an emphasis on what happens and it disappears when it happens. It is transferred through the action and does not stop at what happened, in what has already been determined as a noun; in the logic of the visible. When "sonamos" our bodies and our technologies, our spirits or our being are an indivisible interlaced. "Cuando sonamos terminamos sonados - When we lose/fail/end we become mad".
This series aims to explore multiple genres and circuits. Sonados is postulated as an open space for meeting and enjoyment, a locus where you can get carried away and surprise. During the night we propose the space as a flexible place, without formalism, where people can move with total freedom. Between acts, there will be performances and interventions within a cabaret environment.