Phonos granted project will be exhibited at Sonar festival


The work Prefall135, participating in the program of Phonos creation grants 2011-2012, will be exhibited at Sonar Festival, in the space dedicated to the exhibition of UPF master works at SonarPro. This exhibition is the result of collaboration Sonar Festival and Music Technology Research Group (UPF), and aims to promote projects that have been the result of studies in the master in Digital Arts (IDEC) and the master in Sound and Music Computing, in addition to the Phonos granted project Prefall135.

The works presented have the form of interactive installation and incorporate sound as a central element.


Prefalll 135 is a work that uses water power to generate and process images and audio. The potential energy of water accumulated in a certain height becomes mechanical energy of mills that rotate and produce graphics and sound in real time. The person who interacts with the facility has the ability to control water through the faucet, creating his own musical and visual composition. Prefalll 135 tries to mix the elements of nature and technology and experience the exchanges and features that arise in this merge, both the interaction between nature and technology, as the interaction between the facility and each person. The exhibition will be on level -1 of the CCCB as part of the section SonarPro at Sonar Festival from 14 to 16 June 2012, from 12:00 am to 20:00 pm. More information: Sonar