NEUROSPACES is the awarded project of the Phonos-Kiics grant :: musical production linked to neuroscience

We are happy to announce the result of the Musical Grants linked to Technology and Neuroscience for Young Creators 2012.

This grant is part of the KiiCS project, with the main objective of building bridges between art, science and technology to promote innovation.

The selected project is Neurospaces by Tim Schmele

Neurospaces is an spatial composition based on the brain activity. This project will use fMRI records (Functional magnetic resonance imaging) and those records will be used in a very direct and musical way, using spatial effects of audio (3D audio) to assign the regions of the brain to their corresponding space in the physical space.

The project will be hold thanks to the collaboration between the Observatori de la Comunicació Científica and the research groups MTG and SPECS (Universitat Pompeu Fabra) as well as the Phonos Foundation, that will support the project during its implementation.