The sounds of the cultures of Barcelona

Friday, 2012, November 23 - 16:00 to Friday, 2012, December 7 - 18:00


We have stablished a collaboration with Casa Asia to organize activities in the area of music and technology to promote integration of creativity, research, new media technology and multiculturalism. As part of this collaboration, we have started to organize workshops that seek to identify the sounds of the city of Barcelona through the different Asian communities living in the city. This initiative is part of the Sons of Barcelona project and has the participation of the Mediateca and the Asian Communities Program of Casa Asia.

How does Barcelona sound?

Each community or neighborhood has its particular sounds that give them a unique identity and define them. These workshops foster the collective exploration of cultural identities of different communities working with their own sounds. From the speech and the language, will have special emphasis on everyday sounds, such as home, play, work or even the own music. The first workshop will be done in collaboration with the Sukhmani Association of Barcelona  the November 23rd and 30th and December 7th, and will participate women from Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. From recordings made ​​by the participants, there will be discussion about cultural identity and the sounds associated, and they will work with them using technologies for audio editing.

The sounds will be available on

In the coming months we will work with other communities in the city.

About Casa Asia: it is a public consortium constituted by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, the Generalitat de Catalunya, and Barcelona and Madrid City Councils, which has, among other purposes, to foster the implementation of actions and projects that contribute to a better understanding between the societies of Asia, the Pacific, Europe and Spain. Communities program works with Asian communities resident in Spain and aims to raise awareness of the reality of Asian immigration in Spain and to promote dialogue and interaction between the Asians and the rest of society . The main function of the Mediateca is to bring Asia to Spain from the various disciplines of knowledge, preserving that knowledge as a documentary heritage as books, films, music, and online resources, among others.