Wednesday, 2012, December 12 - 19:30

JE SUIS L'AUTRE by Roger Costa


12.12.2012 - 19:30h
Sala Polivalent UPF Poblenou
C/ Roc Boronat 138
Free admission
Dance: Eulàlia Bergadà and Nandy Luna
Choreography: Mizar Martínez
Music: Roger Costa
Scenery: Fusteria Siscu
Photography: Guillermina Cardó
"Je suis l'autre" is what the French poet Gérard de Nerval (1808-1855) wrote under a picture of himself. The action of Gerard de Nerval make us think about the alienation of the human being in the Western technological society. A society full of sensory inputs that places special emphasis on the idea of fake, simulation and hyperreality.

"Je suis l'autre" proposes building simulations in the bodies of the performers. They use their bodies as a channel for all concerns, objectives, personal goals, ... that the audience can have. That is build from everything around them. Every gesture, every attitude, every thought that comes from the audience will be part of the body of the performers. They "live" in her own body and in the created actions, the lives of others in an extreme way. Until reaching the maximum building of simulation. And at that moment there will be a turning point.

"Je suis l'autre" has received a Phonos Creation Grant and it is publicly presented due to the completion of the work.

with the support of:

Generalitat de Catalunya: Departament de Cultura
Ajuntament de Barcelona: Barcelona Cultura
Universitat Pompeu Fabra
SGAE Fundación Autor
Servei de graduats de l'Institut del Teatre

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