El Delta del Llobregat Sona

Phonos will collaborate with the city council of el Prat del Llobregat to make the young students more sensitive about our environmental heritage through the sounds.

The project “El Delta del Llobregat Sona” funded by the environmental department of the city council of el Prat del Llobregat, aims to allow students from last high school years become interested in science and technology. The idea is to work with sounds and the project will be conducted by the participation in several workshops.

This project is part of Sons de Barcelona programme. This is the first time that the students who participates at the workshops, will be able to explore sounds from the nature. This approach is similar to the one that would be followed to draw a geographic map and it will deliver a sound map of the green space which is located at the Delta del Llobregat.

The natural environment

The total number of workshops to be set up, between October and December 2013, is five and it is well defined that all the workshops organized by the project responsible members will be performed in different areas of the natural environment of el Delta del Llobregat. This is a protected natural environment which belongs to several towns, el Prat del Llobregat, Viladecans, Gavà and Sant Boi del Llobregat, and where a high biodiversity is present, basically due to the environmental variability. This fact also gives to this space a good acoustic diversity.

Moreover, the proximity to the airport of el Prat increases the sonorous richness of these natural surroundings; because the sounds from the planes are also part of this landscape.

Key elements of the Workshops

The workshops will take place at el Delta del Llobregat and the different groups, with about 20-30 students each, will be supervised by specialist instructors in the subject, it means in the listening technique, recording and edition of sounds as well as in the ecology of the analyzed environment. All together it will lead to the sound maps creation.

After a brief introduction, the workshops activity will be focus on recording the listened sounds by the students, who will be actually in charge of the selection of the sounds that they consider more important, with the goal to enhance their scientific motivation.

The participants will be able to listen all the recorded sounds and discuss about their relevance. The idea of the project is also to promote that all the sounds can be freely shared, at Freesound (www.freesound.org), making possible the citizens participation, like the students in the particular case of “El Delta del Llobregat Sona”.