Sónar and the Music Technology Group have established a partnership in order to foster the relationship between the academic and artistic world and boost the relationship between musical creation and research.

The project SINTE ZA! MTG was created in this context and presented in the last edition of Sónar 2013. It is a collaboration between Hector Parra, a student on the UPF master's degree in Sound and Music Computing, and the Barcelona group Za!. SINTE ZA! MTG enables synthesizers to be voice ontrolled to make the work of live musicians easier, and can also generate surprising sound effects that enhance the possibilities of making music live.
The project, a collaboration between Sónar, Music Technology Group and Za! - was presented in the development phase in the Hands on Area with a brief demo by the group themselves.

You will find here more information about the project and the video of the demo at Sónar festival.