Phonos Grants- resolution of the grants for musical production 2013

We are glad to announce the two awarded grants corresponding to the call for music production projects for new creators in 2013:

- 28 x 28 by Xavier Bonfill

Interactive musical work in which 28 musical fragments of 28 seconds each are combined along a number of factors such as chance, the decissions of the user and geolocation. The resulting work will include music created by the author and sounds of Freesound.

- Machination by Urbez Capablo

Machination is a musical project created for the Barcelona Laptop Orchestra and Pollywogs, five musical robots created by artist Roland Olbeter. The project will explore the possibilities of improvisation with musicians and robots.
The projects will be developed in the coming months and once they are completed, will be publicly presented as part of the Phonos series of concerts.