Concert in tribute to the 40th anniversary of the Phonos Foundation at the Arts Santa Mónica center

On the next 20th of June 2014 at 21h will take place a tribute to the Phonos Foundation for its 40th anniversary at the cultural centre Arts Santa Mónica of Barcelona. There will be a concert of “Multifocal Electroacoustic” in tribute to the Foundation that will include the electronic music compositions of the composers Lluís Callejo, Andrés Lewin-Richter, Gabriel Brnčić i Josep Maria Mestres Quadreny; the event will be curated by Carlos Gómez Caballero who will also be in charge of the electronics and the multifocal diffusion.

This event coincides with the different activities that are being organized the celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Phonos Foundation. This concert will also pay a tribute to the promoters and the pioneers of the electronic music that enabled the creation of the Phonos Foundation, first laboratory of electroacoustic music of Catalonia.

The tribute will take place in the claustro of the cultural centre and the entrance will be free with limited capacity, moreover, it will be possible to follow the concert in streaming from the website