Part of the Phonos activity are held in different areas of the Campus de la Comunicació. Most of the Phonos concerts take place in the Espai Polivalent, a room with a large central space and a gallery above. It is located in the basement of the Tanger building and connects directly with Gutenberg Square through a corridor. Occasionally also the campus auditorium is used for certain activities.

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Technical areas

Sala de control Sala de gravació Sala de surround

Phonos uses technical areas located in the Nau building at Campus de la Comunicació (Pompeu Fabra University). There are three rooms for recording, control and post production with surround 5.1 system. These areas are fully equipped and are used for those activities related to the Phonos granted projects or preparation for the Phonos concerts.

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Booking Sound Studio

The Sound Studio can be used only by UPF, IdEC and Phonos users.

If you like to book it, contact your department secretary.

The reservation will be effective when you receive a confirmation

Availability can be checked here:

51.001 - 51.002
Control / Gravació: 
Postproducció Surround: