Sound Workshops

The sound workshops program was created in 2008 around the platform (Music Technology Group), aiming to promote interest in sound and sound technologies as a means to understand and influence our surroundings.

We organize workshops where participants learn to listen, think and work with the sound of our environment, through exercises and creative strategies. The project also emphasizes the dissemination and collaborative networking using and open licenses.

The workshops are focused in different ages and groups, and we work in partnership with schools, civic centers, associations and cultural centers.

Currently we have different on going projects:

News and activities

Two Phonos projects about the sounds of Prat de Llobregat (Barcelona) are launched this November. "El Delta del Llobregat Sona"   The next November 11th the project "El Delta del Llobregat Sona" will start. It is an initiative that aims to bring interest amongst high school students on science...
Phonos will collaborate with the city council of el Prat del Llobregat to make the young students more sensitive about our environmental heritage through the sounds. The project “El Delta del Llobregat Sona” funded by the environmental department of the city council of el Prat del Llobregat, aims...
You can now listen to the results of the Sound Fictions workshops, part of the project KIICS; as well as a video os the workshops.
Sound Fictions workshops are up and running!Next month, more than 300 high school students will have the opportunity to participate in workshops that merge sound, music and creativity with science.   Using technologies to produce, modify, play and record sounds, participants will transform a...